Message #146 You Choose…

Photos from “Shelter from the Streets”
Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Jen Koltowski in PA.

Choosing is the single greatest power we possess. By our choices, we create our future. Every action we take originates from a thought and the sum of all your actions makes who you are.

Those people you see in society that are negative or feel sorry for themselves have not used the power of choice, or at least not to their advantage. Those people have not gotten to where they want to be, have not used the power of choice to their advantage.

There is only one person in charge of your mind and that person is you. Therefore, there is only one person that can create your future…you. Certain external situations or events you have no control over, but you DO have control over how you REACT to them.

You choose what you eat, whether it’s healthy or not.

You choose what clothes you buy, whether they’re hip or not.

You choose how you perform in a game/match, whether you are tired or not.

You choose what job you take, whether it’s what you really want to do or not.

You choose what you study in school, whether it’s your passion or not.

So during this holiday season, you can either choose to make the best of them and enjoy them, or you can stress out and complain about them. It’s up to you.

Being part of The Book Bank Foundation’s “Shelter from the Streets” last Thursday showed me that so many of us complain about our families and homes, but there are people out there that don’t even HAVE families and homes.

I saw a man who wasn’t even wearing shoes and had sores on his feet. And YOU are complaining that there’s going to be TOO much food at dinner?

“It is in our times of decision, that our destiny is shaped.”

Remember this formula… S + C = R… Situation plus Choice equals Result

Thanks for reading.

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