Message #147 Happy Holidays

This message is dedicated to everyone out there, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

According to legend, a desert wanderer happened upon a spring of cool, crystal-clear water. The water was so delightful, he decided to bring the king a sample of it. Barely quenching his own thirst, he filled his leather canteen and began his journey in the hot desert sun to the palace.

When he finally reached his destination, the water had become stale because of the old leather container in which it had been stored. The king graciously accepted the gift of his faithful subject. He tasted it with an expression of gratitude and delight, and the wanderer went his way with a joyful heart.

After he had gone, others in the king’s court tasted the putrid water and asked why the king had pretended to enjoy it. “Ah,” responded the king, “it was not the water I tasted, but the spirit in which it was given.”


Thanks for reading.

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