Today’s message is especially dedicated to all the students trying out for their school teams today. Remember…it’s better to go all out and lose than to hold back and win.

Here’s a simple exercise you can do every day to help you get closer to victory and farther away from defeat.

At the end of every day write down three things that went well. It could be something you did in tryouts, school, home or work. Then write down why it went well.


1. Today I had a great meeting with my staff.
(It went well because I was very organized and listened to their concerns)

2. Today I played great at tryouts.
(It went well because I have been really working hard on my mental game)

3. Today I had a great dinner with my spouse.
(It went well because I made time to spend with them)

The reason why this is a great exercise is because it keeps you in a positive state of mind. When you focus on the good things, more good things come to you. Someone once said, “Don’t look where you don’t want to go.”

This is also a very powerful exercise because it will boost your confidence, decrease your stress, improve your health and give you a good night’s rest. Then, you will wake up refreshed and ready for more greatness. Oh, and it will also help you win more.

So at the end of today for the next week, try this exercise. Let me know how it works.

Thanks for reading.

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