Message # 63 Exceptions Shatter Dreams

This post is especially dedicated to Amish Sattaluri.

I had a wonderful day, but unfortunately, I was unable to post a message this morning. I could have easily skipped it, and written one tomorrow, but feel that exceptions shatter dreams. I would not be satisfied if I skipped a day. Michelle from LA already has expressed her disappointment in not reading a message today. I enjoy writing my messages and feel that they are important.

Today, I videotaped some messages for with Dr. Rob Gilbert, one of the top motivational speakers and authorities on sports psychology in the world. It was very exciting to me on many levels. I then proceeded to pick up my mentee, Amish and go to the Jenkinson Aquarium at Point Pleasant Beach for a Tuesday’s Children outing. For those of you that are not familiar with Tuesday’s Children, they are a non-profit that helps families and children that lost a parent in 9/11. This is one of the highlights of my life, so far. It doesn’t matter if Amish and I are going to the aquarium or just having a catch. He is an inspiration to me. After that, I had a wonderful dinner with a great friend.

I had a great productive day, but feel a bit guilty for not posting a message this morning. So please accept my apologies on the late post, but know that the lesson learned is that losers make promises and winners make commitments. For those of you that were waiting for this message, thank you for being patient.

Homework: Stick to your commitments!

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