Are You Willing to Do Whatever It Takes???

This post is especially dedicated to the great Dan Horowitz…

So I SPRUNG out of bed this morning at 6:20am before my mind could say, “I don’t want to get up. It’s early, I’m tired, it’s still dark out.” Why? Partly because I am crazy, but MAINLY because I am COMMITTED to my daily “power walks,” “power breakfast,” and “power blogging.” I KNOW how motivated it gets me, how fulfilled it makes my life feel and how it positively affects my health. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way of starting my day. Only 1 percent of people know their true purpose in life. 1 percent!!! MY purpose in life is to help as many people as I can whether it’s teaching someone tennis, helping someone with their goals, giving a motivational talk, speaking to an athlete about positive thinking, helping someone with fitness/nutrition or helping a woman on the subway trying to get up the stairs with her stroller. By taking care of my mind/body (power walk & power breakfast), and sending a message (posting on my blog), I start every day by setting the tone. The best way to predict how your day is going to go, is by CREATING it. And whatever you CAN’T control, LEARN from it and REACT to it appropriately.

Now, I could stop there and a good lesson can be learned, but it gets better…

While on my walk, I began to think about what will happen when it gets COLD out and DARK in the morning during my walks. And immediately one phrase popped into my head…”Do whatever it takes.” This is the philosophy of many of the most successful people in the world. Most people make promises, the great ones make COMMITMENTS. Then I started thinking, ok, I’ll get a nice warm hat, some gloves and INSTANTLY, the negative thoughts went away and I knew that there wouldn’t be a problem. (Yes, I DO have negative thoughts sometimes. But see how I changed my thought process right away?) I can’t begin to describe the feeling that came over me after that. When you are overcome by feelings of pure love, fulfillment, gratitude, joy and motivation, you are heading in the right direction. As a result it will be easier to stick to your commitments.

IMPORTANT…watch the video below if you want to know about commitment…

Homework: Figure out your true purpose in life and then make your decisions and set your goals so that they are congruent to that purpose. Do whatever it takes, even if you have to get a little creative. Think OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Tomorrow…for you students – tips on how to make this school year a great one.

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