Message # 64 Learn From Chris Evert

This message is dedicated to the great Mary Ellen Abouchedid.

Brian Kilmeade: “Wait, you know the secret to conquering pressure?”

Chris Evert: “The ability to deal with pressure and stay calm came from playing a lot of tournaments when I was young. It was not ‘now or never’ for me. I taught myself to be in the moment and, for the most part, that worked for me.”

Brian Kilmeade: “So, how can you use this quality in real life?”

Chris Evert: “When I broadcast a tournament or make a speech, I use the same technique. I prepare from the heart and I study. In tennis, I learned the draw. If it’s a speech, I prepare myself on the topic. I’m not book smart and I don’t know every fact from my seventh-grade history class, but I do know about life experiences, about feelings, and about mastering emotions…On the court, you’re really more in control of your destiny, but the feeling and focus inside are the same.”

Author: Brian Kilmeade
Book: It’s How You Play the Game

Homework: Try to apply your techniques in one successful area of your life to one in which you are lacking.

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