Message # 95 Positive Sports Psychology Virtue # 5

Positive Sports Psychology Virtue # 5

Temperance; definition: Strengths that protect against excess

It is important in sports to beware of how you act and how you feel towards yourself and others.

Character Strengths:

Forgiveness; def: Forgiving those who have done wrong

Forgiving is significant because that is how you can move on and reach peak performance. Forgive opponents, teammates, coaches, friends, family.

Modesty; def: Letting one’s accomplishments speak for themselves

It’s important to have confidence, but you needn’t show it on the outside or talk about how great you are.

Prudence; def: Being careful about one’s choices; not saying or doing things that might
later be regretted

Think before you act; on and off the court.

Self-regulation; def:Regulating what one feels and does

People don’t care what you say, they care what you do.

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