Today’s message is especially dedicated to all the great athletes and organizers at the Beijing Olympics 2008.

While watching the Opening Ceremonies last night, many thoughts went through my mind. Aside from my awe of the choreography of every move, I was watching the athletes taking it all in and noticed some looking nervous as the 90,000 in the stadium surpassed the total number of people in their country. I don’t know about you, but I’ll never forget the 2,008 drummers and their light show.

The Chinese character for harmony showed up many times and I like to think that that refers to all of the nations in the world…one world, one dream. After all, aren’t we all the same? It doesn’t matter where we are from or how we look – we’re all just trying to be our best and looking to achieve true happiness and fulfillment.

Much of sports psychology has been derived from Eastern philosophy so to me it makes it that much more powerful to have the Olympics held in Beijing. Let’s see which athletes stay in the present and stay focused with a winning mindset. Practice is necessary, but performing under this type of pressure is a whole ‘nother game.

Remember, most people look how they feel, but it’s the peak performers that look the same regardless of how they’re doing. So while you’re watching the Olympics, take a look at the attitudes and energy of all the athletes and you will be able to see who will walk away with a medal and who won’t.

“What does a fellow compete for anyway? A gold medal? Money? Glory? No, it’s fulfillment.”

-Bruce Jenner, Decathlete, Olympic gold medalist

Thanks for reading.

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