Happy Birthday to the great Bryan Ho in Austin, Texas.

Last night I saw Sandy Zio and Jimmy Leahey play in West Trenton, NJ. Sandy Zio is a singer/piano player who performs throughout the tri-state area and has a new CD out called, “All That I Am.”

Jimmy Leahey’s father was one of the greatest jazz guitarists ever. Jimmy is the guitar player in The Alice Project and also tours with John Waite, Glen Burtnik and many others. He has been on Jay Leno and recently played a private party at Jon Bon Jovi’s house in the Hamptons with Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Roger Waters and Jimmy Buffett. Oh, and guess who was in the audience…Howard Stern, Katie Couric, and Bruce Springsteen.

I asked Sandy and Jimmy what they thought the three keys to musical greatness was and here’s what they had to say:

1. Guts
2. Looks
3. Talent

1. Patience
2. Finesse (Energy)
3. Sense of humor

I always enjoy myself when watching rock stars perform, but if you think about it, do they use different instruments than you and me? No, so if you want to become a rock star, just do what they do and put the time in.

Thanks for reading.

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