Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Ryan Frankel.

I always tell people that sports are the same as life. I don’t teach tennis lessons – I teach life lessons. Below are five ways sports are a metaphor for life.

1. Pick your target – The great philosopher Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you could wind up someplace else.” Figure out, specifically, what goals you want to accomplish instead of just seeing “what life brings you.”

2. Keep your racquet face going towards your target – If you know what you want to accomplish, keep heading in that direction. Keep your eye on the ball and stay focused on your goal.

3. Work harder than everybody else – If you want what nobody else is getting, you must do what nobody else is doing. Committed athletes practice in the rain and are first on the field and last off. You should do the same.

4. Be optimistic – Remember, you get what you focus on and you can’t get positive results from negative thoughts. EXPECT that you will succeed in all that you do. Act how you want to feel and then you will feel the way you act.

5. It’s not about winning – Focus on the process (strategy) instead of the product (winning). If you focus on winning and the end result, you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and actually make it difficult to win. When you focus on your strategy and giving all out effort, winning will come as a by-product.

Winners do what losers don’t want to do…whether they want to or not.

Thanks for reading.

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