Message #60 Stepping It Up

This message is dedicated to the great Ed Tseng.

Right now my stomach is killing me. I just got back from NYC…went to the Tuesday’s Children benefit last night for children that lost a parent in 9/11. I’m glad I went but my stomach hasn’t been feeling right the past couple days. I still went to the event because I am a big believer in the organization. I just took some medicine and will eat a bland diet today. I really didn’t feel like writing a message, but I decided to step it up. I feel that if I can help one person with this blog, it is worth it. Last night’s benefit was great because they raised a lot of money for the families of 9/11. This allows them to participate in events and gives them support. I am truly proud to be a mentor for this organization because everyone that works for Tuesday’s Children is passionate about what they do and I feel that’s how it should be. The people that help support the 9/11 families stepped it up, also. I actually feel pretty good right now. Compared to a lot of people in the world, I have it pretty good.

Many people call philanthropy giving back but I say you should just GIVE. It’s not about what you’ll get in return or what you’ve gotten in the past.

Thanks for reading.

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