You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. When I give a tennis lesson, before I go on the court, I make sure that I have a 10 energy level because if I don’t have high energy and “into” tennis, how can I expect my students to be? During a first lesson with a student, I make an extra effort to make sure they have an enjoyable time. Every lesson I teach, I pretend that people are watching me teach and I want to be at my best because I feel I owe that to my students. One of my favorite parts of teaching tennis is when students really enjoy the lesson. Here is an email I got recently…

Aum enjoyed his class yesterday and couldn’t stop talking about it. The best compliment for you would be to let you know that the boy actually said quote, “I wish I had a tennis class tomorrow.” I thought you would love that. We are excited and look forward to a fruitful association.


See, during my lesson I tried to really motivate Aum. After I read that email, I got motivated. So what does that mean?

The best way to motivate yourself is to motivate OTHERS

So the next time you have a chance at a “first” impression, give it your all, you owe it to them and yourself.

“If you’re going to play the game, play all out.”

Thanks for reading.

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