Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Mario Chalmers and the Kansas Jayhawks.

In last night’s NCAA title basketball game, the Kansas Jayhawks were down 9 points with 2 minutes 12 seconds left in the game. But then something amazing happened…Memphis missed 3 of 5 free throws that would have put the game out of reach. Then, with 10.8 seconds left, Kansas with no time-outs and trailing by three hustled down the court…

Collins hands to Chalmers and with 2.1 seconds left, Mario Chalmers sinks a three-pointer with nothing but net to tie the game…the crowd goes wild!

Kansas went on to win their first championship in 20 years in overtime, 75-68.

Memphis coach, John Calipari wasn’t worried about his team’s worst free-throw percentage (59%). He said they don’t have to be good because they would always come through when the stakes were highest. Guess what folks? The stakes don’t get any higher than the NCAA Championship Game.

The top 3 messages I got from this game are:
1. Don’t get over-confident no matter how well you are doing
2. Work on your weaknesses as well as developing your strengths
3. The best team doesn’t always win…the team that PLAYS best always wins

Congratulations, Kansas.

Thanks for reading.

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