Day 2 at the Special Olympics Summer Games saw some brutal heat but the athletes did a great job staying hydrated and staying in the shade when not competing.

There was some great singles and doubles matches. It was also great to see some of the local community like the Luttrell family from West Windsor come out and support the local athletes.

I, personally played two unified doubles matches with the great Joey Clawson and we won one and lost one. After the full day event, many of the athletes went to the Trenton Thunder minor league baseball game for Special Olympics night. Our team didn’t go because we have a long standing tradition of having a team dinner on Saturday nights at Mamma Flora’s restaurant for salad, pizza and great memories.

We’re going to give it our all again today and then wrap it up with the medal ceremony around 12:30pm.

“Many times the people who take risks end up with much more.”

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