Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Jake Myers in Belgium. Mr. Myers made Varsity on his highly competitive International School’s tennis team. Thanks for the voicemail. Congrats, I’m proud of you.

“This is it…I know
’cause it doesn’t feel
This is it…I know
’cause when I’m with you I don’t need to be

Oh sorry, I still have The Alice Project’s song in my head from yesterday’s blog. I actually went to see Alice play a solo gig last night in Basking Ridge, NJ and was transformed into another world. It’s amazing to me how a good movie, book, piece of art or music can take you into a magical place. Yes, I requested “This is it.”

I asked Alice what she thought it took to become successful as a singer/songwriter. Here’s what she had to say:

1) Persistence… writing a lot of music (the good and the bad)

2) I’m careful not to second guess myself and go with my instincts

3) Always have paper and pen handy to catch ideas wherever and whenever they come

That is it. Whatever your passion is…be persistent and stick with it. Do a lot of it regardless of whether you think it will be good or not. You might learn something. Use your head and go with your instincts. Whenever you get inspired write it down. Commit to constant learning and improvement.

Checkout for more on my favorite rock diva…

Thank you to Alice in NY and Jake in Belgium.

Thanks for reading, wherever you are.

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