Message #142 Giving

Today’s message is especially dedicated to everyone who gave me donations in the Princeton area for today’s Book Bank Foundation event, “Shelter from the Streets.”

It is 7am and right now I am on the 26th floor overlooking 42nd Street near Times Square. The lights, the skyline, what a view! But in less than half an hour, I will be heading to my first stop to help out the homeless in NY, Hempstead, Long Island. We will be making stops in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and finish in Manhattan. From there some of us will be going to the bus/train stations and under the bridges, as well.

Books, toys, toiletries, clothing, and blankets will be given out to those less fortunate.

Those who have never seen 42nd Street from 26 floors above.

Those who don’t have to worry about “What should I wear today?”

Those who are grateful for EVERY day.

Those who’s problems are MUCH greater than ours.

So the next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the holidays, remember…

It’s the season of giving.

Thanks for reading.

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