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So today I spent some time with my mentee, Amish. We went to Grand Slam batting cages to hit some and play some games. He started hitting first, and missed the first few balls, but I was encouraging. Then he started really getting the hang of it. Then, it was my turn and he ask me if I was good. I actually was a better baseball player than tennis player for most of my life, but I haven’t played or gone to the cages in a while, so I’m a bit rusty. I started in the medium cage and Amish was so great…The medium was pretty easy so my first few hits were right on the money and Amish kept saying good hit and “You’re not rusty at all, Ed.” After that, I went into the fast cages and Amish said, “I’ve gotta see this…” I did pretty well.

After hitting, we played some mini golf, skeeball, basketball and some other games. After the batting cages, we stopped by a pizza place for a quick slice. Amish asked me to help him with his homework, so I agreed to stay for a bit.

I started mentoring Amish because he lost his mother in 9/11, and Tuesday’s Children helps match up children that lost a parent in 9/11 with adults looking to help out. I thought it was such a great cause, and I wanted to give my support. As it turns out, Amish is helping me out, as well, by being a friend, and inspiration. He truly enjoys life and is developing into a wonderful young man. I always look forward to spending time with him.

Tuesday’s Children is always looking for mentors, and it has made a big impact in my life…I highly recommend helping out.

Thanks for reading.

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