Success = Balance; Balance = Success

What is success to you? Money? Power? Fame? Job status? Intelligence? Rank on a sports team? Happiness? Personal relationships? Good family life? Spirituality? Health?

All of these things are great to have, but the key to life is balance. Many people just want a great job, making a lot of money, but then, they’re health and relationships suffer. Others want to be the best athlete and then their academics suffer. Some just want intelligence, and then their social skills are poor.

Melissa Sapio graduated Montclair State University with a PERFECT 4.0 GPA. I spent some time with Melissa this past weekend and the one word that summarizes who she is, is BALANCE. Ms. Sapio is not only intelligent, but she is fun. She knows that life is not just about focusing on one thing. When she was in college, she studied, had a boyfriend, had a job and also took part in extracuricular activities. She is educated in many areas, has good eating habits, stays active, works hard in the field of psychology, spends time with friends/family and makes time for leisure.

So as great as it is to be successful at ONE thing, don’t forget about the other aspects of life. If you have balance in your life, you will be successful.

Homework: Do something today that will help you become more balanced. If you get good grades, plan an activity with friends. If you are successful financially, spend some time with your wife. If you are a great athlete, sit down, read a great book and break a mental sweat.

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