Day 1 at the Summer Games consisted of 6 hours of inspiring tennis and 2,500 Special Olympics Athletes plus their coaches in 50 buses from The College of New Jersey to the Sovereign Bank Arena for Opening Ceremonies.

It was like a rock concert as people were waving as our bus pulled in front of the arena. And as we walked into the building, People were giving high fives and cheering each other on. Then the officers came in with the final leg of the torch run.

In addition to the 2,500 athletes and their coaches, there are over 4,000 volunteers this year for the Summer Games.

The Sovereign Bank Arena has seen Bruce Springsteen, playoff hockey games, and much more but I hardly think that it has seen such an inspiring event as witnessed tonight.

Enjoy the photos from Day 1.
Come out today between 9AM and 3PM as Joey Clawson and Ed Tseng play Unified Doubles and go for the Gold!

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