Message # 79 Cost/Benefit Analysis

This message is dedicated to the great Nicole Rossi.

On or off the tennis court, you need to be aware of “red flags” that could affect your performance and life.

If you have a pessimistic attitude, the benefit now is that you will have less disappointment, less risk, and less vulnerability. The cost is reduced positive energy, interpersonal effectiveness, and happiness. The long-term consequences are reduced performance, health and happiness.

If you have poor work/life balance (long hours, limited time for family and friends), the benefit now is accomplishment at work; less emotional risk, avoid responsibilities outside of work. The cost is a lack of time for intimate connection; resentment of family and friends. The long-term consequences are unfulfilling relationships; tendency to impatience and anger; burnout; regret; guilt; and loss of passion.

If you multitask, the benefit now is getting more tasks accomplished; feeling productive; high excitement. The cost is divided attention; less fully engaged with people; lower quality of work. The long-term consequences are shallowness of connection to others; less capacity for absorbed attention; lower quality of work.

If you have a poor diet, the benefit now is immediate gratification; convenience. The cost is high cholesterol; increased weight; less sustained high positive energy. The long-term consequences are increased risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer and early death.

If you do not exercise, the benefit now is more time for work and other obligations, less effort. The cost is less energy, strength, general well-being; lost source of recovery from mental activities; more susceptibility to sickness. The long-term consequences are that it undermines health; lowers concentration and access to high positive energy; increases chances of early death.

– “The Power of Full Engagement” Loehr and Schwartz

So the question is, are you willing to give up what you want now, for what you want most?

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