Message # 78 Stop Thinking So Much

Today’s message is dedicated to the amazing Drew Lessa in Philadelphia.

One of the biggest problems people have is they think too much. Don’t get me wrong, thinking is good, but not when it affects your performance or enjoyment. Imagine this, you are at the end of your tennis practice, and you are tired. Your breathing is heavy, your body sluggish and legs tight. AND you’re starving. Then your tennis teacher says, “Ok, now we’re going to do some sprints.”

Most people would groan or say something like “Are you serious? Do I HAVE to?” No, you GET to. It’s a privilege. That is the stuff that makes you stronger physically and mentally. Now, it’s normal to have a negative reaction to exercise when you are running on empty or you don’t feel like it. But is that the mindset of a champion? I’ll tell you from my own experience that I energize most when I feel like it least.

I have a friend who was working out at the gym this past weekend and while she was on the treadmill, she felt that she couldn’t go any further. She was light-headed and felt weak. So she got off for a brief moment and then got back on and finished her workout. She could have easily just ended her workout, but she has a champion’s mindset and took action before her mind could negotiate her body to just give up. It’s takes a lot to impress me and THAT impressed me. More than if someone said they just won a tennis match. You could win a match and not have pushed yourself or learned anything. So it’s not about results, it’s about the process.

This attitude applies to school and work too. See, the great ones don’t let their feelings affect their performance. This is one of the secrets of success. “It’s easier to act yourself into good thinking than it is to think yourself into good action.”

Does this mindset apply to relationships? You bet. I know someone who is in this great relationship, but one of them is thinking too much about it. They are putting too much pressure on the relationship. Looking too much into the future and expecting negative results, instead of enjoying all the things they have in common. The scary thing is that you may be positive and confident and not think too much about one area of your life, but you many not have that same mindset for a different area of your life. If you have the same mindset in all areas of your life, you will get the same results. If you EXPECT success, that’s what you’ll get. If you EXPECT failure, you’ll get that. It’s not what the future holds, it’s what the present holds. If you don’t enjoy the process, you won’t get the right product.

Your most powerful thoughts, whether positive or negative, usually happen, regardless of whether you want them to or not. The problem with most relationships is that people focus on the bad stuff. Then, guess what? More bad things happen. That’s why people say, catch others doing something good. This rule applies to students, athletes, employees and significant others. It even works on my puppy, Babe. If you acknowledge good things, you will get more of that.

Homework: Don’t wait for something to FEEL right before you take action. Are you going to live your dreams or die with the music still inside you?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Drpepper
    Drpepper says:

    I really enjoyed reading “Stop thinkning so much”.
    There’s far too much material out there about using the mind over taking action… which is what really counts.


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