Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Tiger Woods.

Recently, before I gave a motivational talk, I was nervous, but then I remembered Tiger.

I was also a bit nervous before the last tournament I played in, but then I remembered Tiger.

I’m nervous quite often, but I always think of Tiger, and I’m okay.

Tiger Woods gets nervous before every shot.

But Tiger Woods doesn’t ACT nervous.

So if Tiger Woods gets nervous, it’s okay if YOU get nervous.

Remember, winners and losers feel the same feelings, they just ACT differently.

So how are you going to act?

If you act anything long enough, it becomes real. So when you feel nervous, act confident and soon you will become confident.

The great Dr. Gilbert told me last night that Jim Carrey was on Oprah yesterday and Oprah asked him if he could dance. Carrey said he couldn’t dance, but he could fake anything. So he went into the audience and “faked” dancing and looked like he knew what he was doing! Amazing.

Thanks for reading.

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