How confident are you? Have you ever known a really great athlete? How does he or she WALK? How do they TALK? Don’t they WALK confidently? Don’t they ACT confidently? The reason why, is because you NEED to BE confident to achieve that level of success. The good news is that any of you can ACT confident. Even if you aren’t, fake it until you are.

Ty Cobb was one of the greatest baseball players ever. He was interviewed when he was 80 years old and was asked what he thought his batting average would be today if he was playing. He said about .270 or .275. And the interviewer then said, “It’s becuase of the longer schedule, travelling, and night games right?” Cobb replied, “No, it’s because I’m 80!” Now that’s confidence.

So act confidently and your performance will follow. VISUALIZE the person you want to be, and before you know it, you will become that person. Remember, you become your strongest thoughts. Just beware…be confident, NOT cocky. Feel it on the inside and walk like there is an invisible string attached to the top of you head and someone is pulling up on it.

Homework: For the next 24 hours, act incredibly confident and see how you feel and how you perform.

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