Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Nic Cecan.

I was driving in rush hour traffic the other day and in the lane next to mine, a driver cut another driver off. I heard a honk and some yelling. Then, the person who was cut off continued to yell and proceeded to speed up and tailgate the other driver to get back at them.

Should we take revenge? I think many times that is the natural tendency. But doesn’t that make you just as bad as the person that did you harm?

If you’re playing tennis and someone makes a bad line call, do you do the same to get back at them? I sure hope not. You need to be the better person.

Just because someone treats you poorly, doesn’t mean that you have a right to do the same back.

Don’t be a thermometer…be a thermostat and control your internal temperature.

Thanks for reading.

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