Message # 97 Seeking Out the Experts

This post is especially dedicated to the great Cindi Holliday.

Today’s message is simple…DON’T JUST DO WHAT I SAY, DO WHAT I DO!

Everyday I tell people to seek out the experts, well I’m on a train right now heading up to Boston to meet with some of the experts, specifically the great Ellen Langer (Mindfulness) at Harvard.

As I sit here on the train, watching
the bright orange sun come up from a peaceful morning skyline, I have gratitude. Gratitude for everyone and everything in my life. Gratitude for all the great things I’m about to embark on. I am working hard to be the best that I can and make as big of a difference in the world that I can, but I’m enjoying the process.

I just realized that I am happiest when I have gratitude…it is my own form of meditation. That’s why I do it several times a day.

Have a wonderful day!

“The best way to predict the future is to CREATE it.”

Thanks for reading.

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