Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Marc Vecchiolla.

Here’s a new principle I thought of recently…

Focus on “The Way” not “The Win.”

See, too many people focus on winning and I think that’s not a good thing. And when I talk about winning, it’s not just about winning in sports; it’s winning in business, relationships, school – everything.

We all know the fable of the goose that laid golden eggs, right? Stephen Covey uses this metaphor in “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Day after day the goose laid solid gold eggs and the farmer became more and more rich. But then he became more and more greedy and finally cut the goose open to get all the eggs at once. When this happened, there were no eggs to be found and the goose was dead.

If you just focus on winning a tennis match, your form (foundation) will suffer and pretty soon you will develop bad habits. Eventually you will either plateau and not get any better or you will get injured. Winning is the golden egg and your tennis game is the goose.

In business, especially if you are customer service-oriented, if you focus solely on making money (the golden egg), then eventually the goose will die (your customer base).

So instead of focusing on The Win, focus on The Way

It will get you there.

Thanks for reading.

Tonight: Round 2 of the Cryan Tennis Tournament @ Mercer County Park – Come out and support Ed Tseng and Dan Horowitz at 7:30pm!

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