Message #57 FOCUS

Today, I will tell you one of the secrets of life…

This message is dedicated to the great Lucy Perrine.

Do you want to know one of the secrets of life? Here it is…

“Your focus is your future.” Whatever you focus on, you will get. If you focus on all the bad things in your life, you will get more of that. If you focus on all the good things, you will get more good things. If you are in a relationship and you focus on all the things you DON’T like about your mate, it won’t get better. So, instead, think about all the good aspects of the relationship and you will get positive results.

Have you ever missed a first serve in tennis, and right before your second serve, you thought, “I hope I don’t double fault.” What happens? You double fault! Because you’re focused on that.

Still not convinced? Ok, concentrate REAL hard…Don’t think about a pink elephant.

Didn’t you just visualize a pink elephant in your mind?

“Don’t look where you don’t want to go.”

Homework: Next time you think about something you don’t like, or want to happen, quickly change your thoughts to something positive.

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