Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Pavel Baresh.

Recently, I overheard that a local girls high school tennis player tweeted during her match in a tournament.

She lost.

Did she lose because of the tweeting?

Not necessarily.

She lost because her mindset was low in the moment and she felt like she needed to take action. She was not present. She tried to fix an internal challenge with an external strategy.

In a tennis match (and everyday life) our mindsets fluctuate from high to low constantly. The key is not to try to change our mindset, the key is to understand that this is normal and if we just keep playing, our mindset will naturally rise.

It’s like holding a fishing bobber under water, if you let go, the bobber will naturally rise back up to the surface. Our minds are the same way, if we understand that a low state is normal and if we don’t give any energy to it, we will naturally rise back up to the zone and the flow state. But if we try to do something about it, or take the thought too seriously, we are holding the bobber under the water and it turns into an anchor, weighing us down. This affects our performance in every way. But for that, our play would be great.

A common question I get is HOW can I apply this to my game/life?

The answer?

You can’t.

All you have to do is understand that your state of mind will go up and down (it’s the same for the pros), and if you keep playing and LET your mind be, I think you will be pleased with your performance.

Thanks for reading.

Ed Tseng
Peak Performance Coach
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