In my experience as a tennis pro and peak performance expert, I often see a common theme, and that theme is…

Some people create their future and some people let their future create THEM.

See, you can’t just go out and play tennis and hope you win.

You can’t just SAY you want to start your own business and think you eventually will.

You can’t just say you are going to start working out or losing weight and expect it to happen automatically.

What you need to do is start taking ACTION.

ACT don’t REACT!

Instead of seeing what life brings you, CREATE the life you want by taking the correct action and by having the right strategy.

A good habit to get into is, every night when you get into bed, visualize what you want to accomplish the next day. Then, while you are sleeping, your subconscious creates ways to make it happen.

Nobody is going to ring your doorbell and hand you success. You need to go out and get it for yourself.

Thanks for reading.

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