Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Rob Gilbert, Ph.D.

Rob Gilbert is one of top motivational speakers and sports psychologists in the world. Yesterday on his Success Hotline (973 743-4690) he talked about Bruce Springsteen.

Wednesday on WFAN, New York’s sports radio station, the topic was “The Boss” and his concert Monday night. They talked about his song list and other details on the concert. Then, someone called in and said that they went to see Springsteen last year. His friend knew Bruce so after the concert they were hanging out backstage. “How do you do it?! Day in and day out giving great concerts?” someone asked.

Bruce said two things…

#1 – Before each concert, I tell myself that tonight is the most important concert of my life.

#2 – I tell myself it’s only rock and roll.

So even if you’re not a rock star, you can still give the best concert of your life – every day. And don’t forget…it’s only rock and roll.

It’s only tennis.

It’s only sales.

It’s only 8th grade.

Dr. Gilbert said…

Your effort should be all out and your attitude should be a little relaxed.

Thank you Dr. Gilbert.

Thanks for reading.

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