Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Justin Philip.

In Day 3 in Jamaica, everything is irie. That means, all is good. All is well.

This morning I had breakfast and then taught an hour of tennis. After that, I needed to cool off, so I threw on my bathing suit and went into the ocean. After that, I enjoyed some ackee and saltfish (Jamaica’s national dish). From there, it was beach to pool to jacuzzi to pool. Then, I taught a lesson to a high school tennis coach from Michigan, Justin Philip (photo above).
Right after this message, we’re heading over to another resort for dinner.
I know what you’re thinking…what’s the message for today, Ed? Well, how about…
Work hard and play hard.
If you’ve been working hard, start planning your next vacation.
If you’ve been slacking off, start working harder.
More tomorrow from paradise…
Thanks for reading.
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