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Anybody watch the Sopranos? Remember the last episode and the “Mystery Man” at the counter that supposedly killed Tony Soprano? His name in real life is Paolo Colandrea.

Last night I spent some time with Paolo.

Paolo knows success. Perhaps because he was on the Sopranos.

But I think that Paolo is successful because he came to America from Naples, Italy with $70 in his pocket.

And now, he just came back from two months in Italy on his new boat.

Paolo told me that every day in Italy he went on his boat and all he brought with him was olive oil, garlic, pasta and his snorkel mask and fins. He would jump off his boat and dive down and catch some clams, mussels and sea urchin and add it to the pasta. That was dinner every night. That is the life.

Yes, I WAS salivating when he told me this.

But all of this is a by-product of hard work. I asked Paolo what he thought the keys to success were…

1. Desire
2. Patience
3. Determination

It worked for him, and it can work for you…

Thanks for reading.

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