Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Oscar Nawrot.

I watch what I eat and I exercise regularly. I meditate to stay mentally and emotionally balanced. I try to be a good person.

I call this preventive medicine. Too many people wait until they get sick or become overweight to take care of themselves. Too many people wait until they have a nervous breakdown before they work on being mentally tough.

I challenge you to constantly improve in all areas of your life…BEFORE you need to. DON’T be on automatic. We’re only on this planet a short period of time – make the most of it.

Most people are satisfied with mediocrity, but if you do what everyone else does, you’re going to get what everyone else gets.

The great Melissa Sapio, who edited my book, “Game. Set. Life.,” got a perfect 4.0 throughout all of college. She told me her secret…

Exceed expectations. Just do a little bit more. Just get a little bit better…every day: on the court, in the classroom, in the boardroom and at home.

“You don’t have to be sick to get better.”

Thanks for reading.

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