I don’t really feel like blogging today – it’s cold this morning…I’m hungry, maybe nobody will read my blog today.

When the curtain goes up on Broadway, the actor can’t say, “Wait a second, stop. I don’t feel like the part yet.” They have to be in the part, whether they want to or not.

Blogging, tennis, school, work, and relationships are the same way. If you read my book, “Game. Set. Life.” you would know that most people act according to how they feel, but the real winners in life act how they should act, whether they want to or not.

Do you have ANY idea what you would be capable of, if you just took the right action, instead of negotiating with yourself to do otherwise?


“No person in a thousand has any clue of what he/she is capable of doing if they just made up their mind to do it.”

Thanks for reading.

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