Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Justin Cohen.

The best way to help yourself is by helping others. Some of you bought my book on Sunday, and I appreciate that, but not that many people bought it. Many people say they are going to do things, but they don’t.

I’m going to go on a diet.

I’m going to quit smoking.

I’m going to take up the guitar.

And it wasn’t about me making money because I’m not going to see a penny of it. It’s going to the NJTL of Trenton.

Okay, I forgive you and here’s your chance to redeem yourself…

Be a santa! I am a captain for Stockings with Care this year.

Stockings with Care is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making sure that families in need have everything they need to create the magic of Christmas morning for their kids. Last year, Stockings with Care played Santa to over 2000 kids. For us, it’s about opening hearts, inspiring dreams and preserving the dignity of parents and their families.

Stockings with Care works with coalitions that assist families either living in homeless shelters or who are in jeopardy of becoming homeless and can not afford to celebrate their holiday. Social workers at each of these coalitions work with the parents to make their wish lists. These lists are passed on to Stockings with Care. Through the generosity of our individual Santas, private and corporate donors and a small army of volunteers, we make sure that every child gets at least two things on their list and that each child has at least three gifts to open on Christmas morning. Thousands of gifts are wrapped and delivered to the parents, empowering them to create magic for their kids.

Of course, lots of kids ask for what every kids wants – toys. But there are an equal number of requests for life’s essentials. Clothes. Books. Strollers, Diapers. One year, a child even asked for dog food so that they didn’t have to give up the family dog that they could no longer afford. We delivered a year’s supply of dog food.

Stockings With Care was founded in 1992 by Rosalie Joseph and Tom Fontana. And every year since then, sometime in early October, we come together to make this happen. There is no office. There are no salaries. Members have even donated their phone numbers for the two months leading up to the holidays. 100% of the money we raise and 100% of our volunteers’ efforts go to our kids.

We need santas! You basically just purchase a gift for a child…not a major commitment on your part, but imagine the look on the child’s face when they open it…Email me for details: .

Thanks for reading.

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