Thanksgiving leads to having more to give thanks for.

Thanksgiving is a creative force that, if lived on a continuous basis and not just for one day each year, will create more good in your life and more to be thankful for. Perhaps we could call this the life of thanksliving. Thanksliving is an attitude of perpetual gratitude that will draw good to you. It is based on the premise that “thanksgiving leads to having more to give thanks for.” We have the power to create whatever we need in our life and this power, available to each of us because it lies within us, is the power of the mind.

Let’s look at three ways to practice thanksliving. The first way is to search for the good and praise it. We tend to attract that which we give our attention to. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. A good idea can get even better as its possibilities for greater good are explored. The more good you can see and praise, the more you direct creative energy to positive results. Even in situations that at first appear difficult or unpleasant, see all the good you can. And bless the good you can see. Praise the good and watch it multiply.

(From Discovering the Laws of Life by John Marks Templeton)

Check back tomorrow for the second and third ways you can practice thanksliving…

Thanks for reading.

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