“Some people wait so long for their ship to come in that their pier collapses.”
-author unknown

Well, it’s officially the holidays and the game of stress has begun.

The malls are like zoos and the tension is building within all of us. We seem to have less time during the day and we need to constantly check if we are breathing.

And I know something about you – during this holiday season, there will be things that you have to do, but don’t feel like, i.e., paying the bills, working out, or practicing the piano.

Here’s what the winners do…

Use the 15-minute rule: make an agreement with yourself that you will “just do it” for fifteen minutes, then you can stop. Go to the gym for fifteen minutes, clean the house, or make those calls. Here’s the beauty of it – YOU WON’T STOP AFTER FIFTEEN MINUTES. You’ll get into it. Before you know it, you’ll be at the gym for the full hour.

If you’ve read my book, or have been following this blog, you know you should…

1. Procrastinate procrastination.
2. Just do it.
3. Make no exceptions.
4. When things are difficult, relax more and breathe deeper.
5. Enjoy the process…and make sure you exercise.

Now take a few deep diaphragmatic breaths (in through the nose for four seconds, using your stomach, then out through the nose for four seconds). Smile, and go all out!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Tom Bailey
    Tom Bailey says:

    This is my first visit to your blog and I like it. I like #4 the best.

    You have a very insightful blog.

    Best regards,
    Tom Bailey


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