Today is Pi Day (3.14).

Today is also Albert Einstein’s birthday, so the whole Princeton area is going insane. There are pi fights, pi eating contests, all sorts of mental olympics and even a geekiest geek contest!

Since Princeton is going “insane” on Pi Day, I want you to go through your day thinking about one of my favorite Einstein quotes…I know I will especially if I drive by his house on Mercer Street today.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Do you keep doing the same thing?

Are you complaining about your results?

Then change what you’re doing on the field, in the classroom, in your relationships and at the office.

To get what we have never gotten, we must do what we have never done.

Happy Pi Day.

Ed Tseng
Peak Performance Coach
Pro of the Year USTA 2005
Author of “Game. Set. Life.”
Keynote Speaker


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