Today’s message is by a very special ghost blogger…

Watch this video. Pay attention to what the character of master perfumer Giuseppe Baldini (played by Dustin Hoffman) exclaims in the 3rd minute.
The movie tells the story of a character who is a savant, born with a hyper-attuned sense of smell.

“Talent means next to nothing! While experience acquired in humility and hard work means everything.”

We would like to think that there exist a finite number of people who have the luck of being born with an innate gift, talent, genius, etc.
People seem to prefer to believe this myth even though it robs us of the hope that we can cultivate our talents (and robs us of the ability to give hope to others that they may cultivate their talents as well).
Why do we choose to believe this? Probably because it is safe, it is easy, and it absolves us of guilt when we know we are not working to our potential.

It’s interesting and easy to focus on talent. And, sometimes some people do have some type of advantage. However, true change and growth results when we focus on humility and hard work through commitments to continuously improve.

This is the lesson that teachers, coaches, and experts in any field need to convey.

Thanks for reading.

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