“Angels can fly because they take things lightly.”
-author unknown

Yesterday was World Laughter Day.

Is this a necessary day?

Well, we have Administrative Assistants Day.

We have National Nurses Day.

And we have National Boss Day.

I think that people create special days because of under appreciation.

The power of laughter is certainly under appreciated.

Laughter can strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve brain function, protect your heart, and make you feel good.

Oh, and I forgot…

Laughter can help you perform better in your sport and job.

Do you ever get nervous? Do you ever feel pressure? Do you ever feel like you’re thinking too much?

Laughter can help. It loosens you up.

When you laugh, you loosen up physically.
When you loosen up physically, you lighten up mentally.
When you lighten up mentally, you play better.
When you play better, you win!

Seek out ways to laugh: watch a funny DVD, go to a comedy club, listen to comedians while driving, seek out funny people.

“If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.”

Thanks for reading.

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