“Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?”
-author unknown

All success begins in the mind.

Are you mentally tough in tennis…playing the piano…in your job?

Everyone knows that the mental side of sports and life is probably the key ingredient to success. But very few people have these skills.

Here’s the good news…

Your mental fitness is just like your physical fitness – it comes from training. You are not lacking mental skills, you just haven’t practiced them sufficiently.

Dr. Albert Ellis, an American psychotherapist, was the founder of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Ellis, who was born in 1913 and raised in the Bronx, was a painfully shy teenager, unable to bring himself to speak to women. But one afternoon he decided to make a change. He sat on a bench near the New York Botanical Garden and chatted with every woman who sat down. In one month he spoke with 130 women. “Thirty walked away immediately,” he said. “I talked with the other hundred, for the first time in my life, no matter how anxious I was. Nobody vomited and ran away. Nobody called the cops.”
(The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle)

So what does this mean?

You have to practice.

You have to put yourself in situations where you are forced to face your challenges.

The more comfortable you are being uncomfortable, the better your results will be.

Thanks for reading.

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