“Knowledge is power.”

Well, I wrapped up Week 1 of my summer tennis camp today.

The campers were on the younger side this week, with the youngest at 7 years old. But I didn’t change much with my lesson plan, not even with the mental training.

Many people think that seven is too young to talk about sports psychology, but I disagree.

I tell a lot of stories. Metaphorical stories with life lessons attached. I talk about how tennis can help you in other areas of life.

And they get it.

Not always, but they get it.

I had one boy this week who also attended my camp last year and remembered some of the stories.

Every day this week I had requests to tell stories with life lessons attached. It was great.

Probably none of the campers this week will go pro. They may not even play on their high school teams. But they will remember the stories. They will remember that tennis is not just about tennis.

It’s about life.

If you can focus, stay positive, go all out and perform under pressure on the tennis court, you can do the same in school, at work and at home.

How do sports help you in other areas of life?

Thanks for reading.

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