Brad Gilbert once said that you can win with 60% of your game and 100% of your brain, but if you have 60% of your brain and 100% of your game, you won’t win.

What does this mean?

Physical skills are important, but mental skills are more important.

I received an email recently from a top tennis player in Idaho that read:

“I was in the final of the Men’s 50’s Idaho Senior Games, down 0-5 and getting frustrated. I took a break on the changeover, cleared my head of all thought except for the plan I formed–Serve into the body, groundstrokes deep to the corners followed by short angles to the open court. Instead of questioning why things were happening, I set out to focus on the things I could control…attitude, effort, strategy, cutting down on errors. I won the first set 7-6, and the next 6-2. It wasn’t pretty…but I won the Gold Medal and qualified for the US National Games next year in Houston. I keep a copy of your ‘Top 10 things Champions Do’ list in my bag. Thanks for the list, Ed…that gold is as much yours as mine!”

When was the last time you worked on your mental game?

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