Recently, the great Desmond Oon, Ph.D., author of “Can Eastern Wisdom Improve Your Tennis? You Bet.” sent me an email.

Dr. Oon is a USPTA Master Professional, former Davis Cup coach and captain of the Republic of Singapore, played on the international tennis circuit in the 1960’s and board-certified hypnotherapist. He read about my book in the latest ADDvantage magazine for USPTA teaching professionals and wanted to do a book exchange. I was honored.

I remember attending one of Dr. Oon’s workshops while I was at Ferris State University – it was one I will never forget. He hit topspin with a telephone book!

I have since begun reading Oon’s book and love it. Here is an excerpt…

Eastern Wisdom: You Can’t Succeed If You Often Change Course

Oon’s Take: In life, we can’t manage too many affairs at the same time. It is like trying to hold down several pumpkins in the water concurrently. When we try to hold down too many with both hands, another pops up and we have to repeat the action.

If you set out to achieve certain objectives on court, you have a better chance of success, if you stick to your plan of action. Your success rate will fall if you keep on changing objectives, in mid-stream, even before they are realized.

Give your plan of action time to show results. You can’t succeed if you often change course, in the middle of a match.

Thank you Dr. Oon and thanks for reading.

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