Jim Abbott pitched a no-hitter on Sept 4, 1993.
He was born without a right hand.

“Everyone is your student and everyone is your teacher.”

I learned a great lesson yesterday.

I have learned many lessons, and have been inspired by many different people, like Jim Abbott (above), one of my heroes. But yesterday was a bit different.

There was a nine year-old boy in my tennis camp. It was his first time playing tennis. I take that back, his father had tried to teach him, but he had no formal training.

Everyone was having a good time and working hard.

At the end of the morning session, we finished with a game. After the game, I looked at this boy who I’ll call “Hank” and he looked so upset. I asked what was wrong and he said, “I lost the game.”

“Hank,” I said to him, “I don’t care if you win or lose. I only care if you give your best effort. I only care if you have fun.” Hank responded, “Okay,” not really convinced. Earlier in the day, I had told the campers to remember their ABCs…Always Behave Confidently.

Well Hank was with me for the afternoon session too and I tried to catch him doing good things and complimenting him.

At one point, I was playing against him in a game called, “drop ball.” The score was tied, and we were both up at the net and I said, “I’m nervous!”

Unexpectedly, Hank, gave me a big smile and said…

“Don’t be nervous – be confident!”

Thanks for reading…and thanks to my nine year-old teacher.

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