“You will get no more out of life than you put into it.”

Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Ruben Ganesh.

Three frogs are sitting on a log.

Two of them decide to jump off.

How many frogs are left?

Answer: Three.

Just because the frogs decided to jump off, doesn’t mean they did.

What are you deciding to do, but not doing?

“Oh, I’ve decided to go on a diet.”

“I’m going to practice five days a week.”

Talking isn’t good enough. We need to take action.

Last night I attended a Princeton tweetup meeting at Salt Creek Grill, organized by Hilary Morris. It was a networking event for local business professionals that use Twitter.

I walked away with a pocket-full of business cards. I’m sure most people walked away with even more, but I already knew some of the attendees.

But here’s the point…

When people attend networking events, they accumulate business cards and that’s pretty much where it ends.

People are satisfied with just getting and giving cards.

Most people that buy a book don’t read past the first chapter.

We tend to relax and think that we’re done after that first step.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We will see how many emails I get from people I met last night. I have a feeling I won’t get many. I’ve attended dozens of networking events and it is rare that people follow up. You can be sure that I will be sending out personal emails to each and every new person I met last night.

It’s not about trying your best – Do whatever it takes.

I don’t care what you tell me you’re going to do, I only care about what you do.

The great Angie Holmberg in Oklahoma was feeling bad about her tennis game yesterday. She read my blog and saw that it was dedicated to her. She didn’t care.

But then she thought to herself, “Why not? You have to think great before you are great.”

Well guess what?

That changed her whole attitude.

She said, “I took that attitude to my practice this evening and it was a very fun and productive time on the court!”

Confidence is not a feeling, it’s an action.

Do it today. Tell me about it tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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