Everyone knows what to do, but nobody does what they know.

Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Lewis Howes, founder of Sports Networker and author of LinkedWorking.

Lewis Howes is my friend, and he is a rock star. He is an ex-pro athlete, author, speaker and entrepreneur. Howes travels all over the world educating and connecting people in sports and social media. He has networked with some of the top minds on the planet…and he’s just getting started.

The difference between Lewis Howes and everyone else is that Lewis is taking action…MASSIVE ACTION. In fact, he’s doing a webinar tomorrow from the beach in Argentina (I’m not happy about that).

See, you know what to do, but you’re not doing it.

You know you need to:

-practice more
-quit smoking
-study more
-spend more time with your family
-do your taxes
-de-clutter your house


K – A = O (Knowledge minus Action equals NOTHING)

Recently, I was teaching and one of my students kept hitting the ball into the net. I asked, “How can you make an adjustment?” She said, “Aim higher over the net.”

“Very good, but ARE YOU trying to aim higher over the net when you’re hitting?”

The response was “No.”

We all know what to do, but the great ones are actually doing it.


What are you NOT doing? Leave your comments below…


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