Today’s message is especially dedicated to the great Tina Odisho in Elizabeth, NJ.

In my book, “Game. Set. Life.” I wrote how only about 3% of people have goals. Those are all the successful people in the world.

Imagine this scenario…

You’re getting ready to play a game of soccer. Then, all of a sudden, they remove the goals and the referees say, “Play ball!”

What do you do? Maybe kick the ball around a bit? After a short period of time, you would get bored, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t get anywhere. You’d be running around in circles. You might give up.

Life is the same way – are you just going through the motions? Just kicking the ball around? Goals will give you a purpose; they will keep you motivated.

Figure out what you truly want to accomplish in this world – what you want to leave behind.

Be specific.

Take action.

Start today.

Thanks for reading.

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