Today’s message is especially dedicated to all the great students in Ms. Romano’s class in Montgomery.

What motivates you?

Does success motivate you or does fear of failure motivate you?

In sports and life, the ones that succeed are the ones that can perform under pressure. John Murray, Ph.D. is one of the top sports psychologists in the world and in his book, “Smart Tennis,” he says that if you are motivated by fear of failure, your maximum motivation is when you are either playing someone much better or much worse than you, because there is little risk of losing. When you play someone of a similar level, motivation decreases because there is a true sense of potential failure. But on the other side of the coin, if you are motivated by success, you are focused on the process and rise to the occasion when the pressure is on. You love the competition.

Which mindset do you think helps you attain peak performance?

Are you going to go all out and perform under pressure, or are you going to try “not to lose”?

It’s up to you.

Thanks for reading.

This Thursday, November 13, 7PM @ Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center, Ed Tseng presents “Game. Set. Life. – Peak Performance for Sports and Life.”
4842 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19129.

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