“A person of intellect without energy added to it, is a failure.”

I see people working out at the gym and they are lifting all these weights and getting big, but they can’t even bend over to tie their shoes. What these people are actually looking for is more energy.

How is your energy…

after work or after school?

There are three types of energy: physical, mental, and emotional.

Your physical energy is affected by the way you manage your environment and the way you care for your body. Your mental energy is influenced by the inventory of to-dos and projects you store in your memory bank. And your emotions reflect your inner feelings and how you deal with them. Attending to all three of these areas will enable you to recharge your batteries, plug energy drains and increase your ability to maximize your capacity for greatness.

Rate the following statements on a scale from 1 to 5. 1=Never/NO and 5=Always/Yes

Physical Energy

I eat well and get plenty of exercise and sleep; I take care of my health. ____

I take time for myself to enjoy hobbies, pamper myself and otherwise physically re-energize. _____

My home environment is clean, neat and uncluttered, and reflects who I am. _____

My work environment is efficient, productive and facilitates productive activity. _____

My belongings are in good condition, meet my needs and reflect my personality. ____

Mental Energy

I only accept requests that fit within my time constraints and reflect my values and priorities. _____

I handle tasks as they come in (or make sure they’re appropriately scheduled for handling) instead of trying to keep a mental to-do list. ______

I only worry about the things I can personally control or address, and release those I can’t. ______

I accept what is and what can be, and let go of what isn’t, what could have been and what can’t be. ______

Emotional Energy

I express myself clearly, honestly and openly, even when it’s uncomfortable or about sensitive matters. ______

I don’t let issues build up – I address issues, problems and questions in the moment and only with the people they concern or who can do something about them. ______

I set clear boundaries on my time and attention. I respect other’s boundaries, and expect the same respect from them. ______

I accept and honor the emotions I feel – good or bad – and try not to judge myself or avoid my feelings. _______

Choose one of these types of energy and ask yourself the following questions…

Which statement is poorly rated or are out of sync with my priorities, values or needs?

What am I currently doing to address this issue?

What am I avoiding around this issue? Why?

What could be possible for me if my available energy in this area matched or exceeded my current needs?

What is stopping this from happening?

Finally, complete the following sentence…

This week, I will increase my energy by ______________________________.


Thanks for reading.

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